Derek's Journals

Before Journal
August 4, 1707,
    Everything we do on the farm and in the house takes so long. Everyone has to make their own clothes and build their own houses and do everything by themselves. To make clothes we have to clean the cotton, turn the cotton into yarn and then hand make the yarn into clothing that can be worn. Then in the fields to make food takes so much work to. We have to plow the soil, then we have to plant the seed, and then we cover the seed. The planting takes at least 2 hours on a good day because we have over 3 acres of property. We also have to go out and pick our crops acre by acre. Whenever I write somebody about the news around town it turns into old news because it takes weeks for my letter to get to wherever it is going. Everything is just so hard, I wish there was something that would make things easier.

During Journal
September 5, 1729,
    Oh the industrial revolution is just great. Transportation is quicker now with the steam locomotive and the new invention o f the telegraph makes communicating between two places easier. I decided to leave the farm and go work in the city. The city is very crowded and the living quarters assigned to us are also very close and tight. At the factory I work in there are a lot of new, huge machines that you can get hurt on. There are a lot of children working on cleaning the machines and it is very dangerous. One day I think I am going to witness one of those stories you read about in the newspaper about how a child was severely injured. There have been many diseases going on around the city and I have got some of them. I have wanted to miss work sometimes but I can’t. With these new factories and machines, things have gotten so much easier, where I do not have to make my own clothing anymore and I can get my own job and work for my own money.

After Journal
July 12, 1750,
    It seems as though everyone in Europe has been upgraded by the industrial revolution now. I even heard that the new world across the Atlantic have even got a hold of the new technology. Working conditions have been improved and the machines are a lot safer now too. I have joined a workers union to protect me more from dangerous jobs, and I have moved up in my position. All these factories seem to be normal now. I remember when I saw my first factory and thought, “wow how neat is that.” The city is less crammed due to more factories and textile mills opening up in more places. With more factories there is less illnesses too. The steam engine powered locomotives and boat are more up to date and safer too.


Before- September 8, 1700

    My name is John Williams. I am married and have seven children with my beautiful wife Rose. We have been living in the new world for a while now. I cannot tell if my family is going to make it this winter. We don’t have enough food to make it. All we got is dilled dear and a couple fish. At least we will be warm my wife makes the best clothing for me and my family. I feel privileged to be her husband. However, only a few of my children are old enough to work on our farms. There are too many mouths to feed. I hope we make it.

During- September 8, 1770

    My name is Christopher Paul. I am married and have three children. I work at a textile mill factory with my whole family. We live a descent life but are underpaid and have horrible working conditions. It is enough to get us by; to get us food my wife still makes us clothing because it saves us money in the long run.  I hope I get a better job soon I do not want to work here all my life. This does not look like it is going to happen any time soon.

After- September 8, 2000

    Man today I woke up brushed my grill and got to work. I work as an aspiring artist AKA Little Masta J. I am going to be the next 2 Pac. Only my lyrics are colder no disrespect to 2 Pac RIP. However, before I start spiting I got to go down to McD’s and get me a Big Breakfast with Hotcakes. I’m trying to keep it real with my style. I got my apple bottom jeans and Reeboks with the straps. I got them last night after I got my paycheck from my part time job flipping Big Macs. 


Konstantina's Journals

November 12, 1709
    Hi! My name is Alexis Johnson. I live in Britain with my mommy and daddy. On November 28 I will turn six years old! I was really happy that my birthday was coming soon until today. Mommy and daddy were talking about work. They said they didn’t make enough money for our family. They told me that little boys and girls are going to start having jobs to help their mommies and daddies get more money. Daddy told me that as soon as I turn six I will have to start working too. I don’t want to have a job! I want to stay home and play with my friends like I do now! Mommy said I didn’t have a choice though. She said she already told the factory that I would start working on the first day of December. I’m not happy.    

March 5, 1713
    I have been working in this factory for about 3 years now. I still don’t like it. I hate it here. I have to work for 14 hours a day. The only time we get breaks is for lunch which is only 30 minutes. I come home so tired and hungry. Every day when I’m at work I feel like I am getting sick. I don’t know why. Maybe because all I do all day is sit in the factory. Maybe it’s because I work too hard for a nine year old. I hate this. I never get a break. Not even on holidays or my birthday! Mommy and daddy said I can’t stop working though. They told me we barely make enough money now and that if I stopped we would be broke and live on the streets. I don’t want to live on the streets but I really hate working at the factory! I wish I could still be at home playing with my friends everyday like I used to.

July 10, 1715
    Today, mommy and daddy told me that they are letting me quit the factory! They said I have to work somewhere else though. I asked them why it mattered where I work. They told me because a lot of people working in the factories were starting to get sick and die from breathing in the fumes from the machines all day. Mommy said that’s why the doctor had to see me a few weeks ago. I had breathed in too many fumes. Daddy said if the doctor hadn’t of come over then that I would have died by now. That’s why I am leaving the factory and going to a different one. Mommy told me that when she went looking for a new job for me that the factory she found lets the workers wear a cover over their nose and mouth so they don’t have to breathe in the fumes. Also they have fans and the windows are open. I have to work the same hours though. I’m still not happy that I can’t see my friends and that I have to work but at least I won’t be breathing in fumes anymore and won’t get sick again. Daddy said I could make new friends at the new factory and that I could see them when we are at work. I won’t be able to see them anywhere else though.  I hope I like this new factory better than the old one.

Ryan's Journals

    Hello, my name is Timmy Mcanders  and you could say I’m sad. When I was six my parents died in the American Revolution and it seems like things hasn’t change. The last 10 years in my life I did the same daily routine. I don’t believe in any religion, so I don’t know where to look. However, I needed to get money, so I recently took up a job harvesting cotton. It is so boring. All I do is go to the farm, and pick by hand, cotton. I usually harvest 24 barrels of cotton per day, but it is very repetitive. Everything seems like it could be easier. On Sunday’s I go to the local thread store to give my barrels of cotton. The people at the store said that it takes 5 hours for them to create 1 barrel of cotton to thread. That is unbelievable. I don’t know how they make a living. Hopefully, they will get better at it, so people that make cotton could make a better living.

    Hello, its me again. I’m delighted how things worked out. I thought that my writing would never become true, but 15 years later and things have been looking up.  Remember when I was picking cotton? Well now all I do is put the cotton into this device called a Cotton Gin. It’s a neat little contraption were I put my cotton in one side, and it creates threads and dispenses it out the other side. Now I don’t have to do as much work, but I get paid a lot heftier. However, the one downside is that it is also repetitive and there is a lot of competition. It seems like everyone is in a business with something revolving around cotton. Also, I don’t have to work to work every day. People just put in a railroad close to my house so all I need to do is hitch a ride on that contraption. It’s beautiful. I no longer need to walk to work, which is really tiring and took a lot out of me. It seems like every day a new contraption is in the news.


    Hello, it’s me again. My years are starting to wear down. Luckily, I met a beautiful lady and we had 5 kids. I’m sorry it’s been a long time, but I felt like I didn’t need to write in my journal since I have been trying to live life to the max. Let me just give you an overview on what has happened in my life since I last wrote you. Firstly, after I wrote to you, I decided that I wanted to take up a new profession, so I went to get educated about trains, using the money I got from my previous job. I then took up a job conducting trains, which was how I met my wife Tammy. Conducting trains was probably the best job I had ever had in my life. I find trains fascinating about how they can work and function. My neighbors are also living life fine and dandy. It seems life everyone uses a steam powered something another to get around now. It’s much more effective than walking or using horses. Anyway, my kids now have a good head start on life since i made much money conducting trains. I want them to conduct trains too, because I want them to feel the joy I felt. I hope new inventions keep getting invented.